Methods for communicating change

There is a great wealth of communication tools available for managing change.  From town hall meetings to individual coaching sessions, the biggest challenge is selecting the right tool for the job.  It’s common for project managers to get the process backwards—selecting a communications tool inside a project plan before actually understanding their audience or the type of information that needs to be addressed.


Before you can select the right toolset, determine the following:

  • Who is your audience?
    1. Are you targeting people based on job type (i.e. administrative staff)?
    2. Is your focus a specific region or department?
    3. Do you need to address the entire company?
    4. Are you targeting business partners or industry?
  • What kind of information must be communicated?
    1. Soft skills/information (people focused)
    2. Hard skills/information (process focused)
    3. A combination of both

Once this is established, now you can look into your toolbox and decide how to approach your audience.  A common set of communication tools in a matrix of audience type and communication type are included below.


Communications Matrix