Stakeholder Analysis 101 – Are You Focusing on the Right Audiences?

When leading project communications, it is easy to jump to conclusions.  As the project winds up, one stakeholder group may catch your attention more than others.  They are the loudest of our audiences, and appear to be the most important.

But are they?

This is where a solid, strategic plan comes into play.  By having a strong stakeholder assessment and stakeholder management plan in place, you can determine which stakeholders require more of your attention at a specific point in time.

While all stakeholders are important, some are truly key to your success.  To learn who you need to focus on first, you can use several tools to understand your stakeholders better.  One tool in particular is the “Power Interest Matrix”.  This tool helps you track:

  • The power a stakeholder group has over your project
  • The degree of interest this group has in the project
  • The extent of change that this project has on the stakeholder group

The power interest matrix is one of many tools that are important in developing a successful stakeholder assessment.    By evaluating the three areas above, you can quickly evaluate who you need to focus on first, and who you need to monitor and provide less active support to at this point in time.

To learn more about how to use the power interst matrix and to receive a tool for creating your own matrix, please contact Selwyn Swe at selwyn@selwyn.org.