Trompenaars' Four Corporate Cultures

If you have ever walked into an office and thought to yourself, “this feels really different,” you are familiar with the diversity of corporate cultures. Dr. Fons Trompenaars brought us a great model for quickly describing and categorizing these differences in his “Four Types of Corporate Culture” model. 

Some companies, including stereotypical Silicon Valley organizations are commonly referred to as being an incubator type of company culture. Engineering firms that focus on specific projects and tasks are known as guided missile cultures. The business of running the US armed forces with specific hierarchies, rules and procedures is the Eiffel tower type of culture. Finally, companies where power is concentrated in specific leaders, and the leader has deep concern for all employees, is thought of as a family culture.

The chart below shows how Trompenaars’ four cultures align visually.

To truly understand what Trompenaars meant by his four cultures, listen to what he has to say in his own words from Dr. Trompenaars' YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/THTconsulting):