Getting Your PMO and CMO to Work Together: The Case for Integrating Project Management and Change Management

Project management and change management are two disciplines that should go hand-in-hand through any new project implementation.  The practice of project management looks at the technical side of how we put a new system in place.  Change management looks at the same system implementation and helps us get the most out of the change from a people perspective.  By taking a unified approach to project management and change management, we make the change as effective as possible by offering the right solution to people who are willing and able to use it the right way.

By integrating the project management and change management disciplines, you develop common objectives between your PMO and CMO.  This helps to ensure that your change management plans align with the timing of your project plans and establishes the framework for change agents and project managers to share information necessary to make the implementation as successful as possible.

In many organizations that have established PMOs but no CMO, project managers are expected to drive the change management process as a part of their PM responsibilities.  It becomes another deliverable in their project plan.  While that is a quick solution to implementing change management in your project plans, it is very difficult for typical PMs to also excel in the change management for the project as the entire way of thinking of the implementation is completely different.

It is important to allow the project managers the space to do what they do best—manage the technical nature of implementing projects. 

By having an established CMO integrated into the project, your change agents can then do what they do best—manage the people side of the change. 

Put those two together and you have a great team!


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